Easy Image Resizer

Bulk Image Resizer tool

Resize multiple images without uploading on a server. Its fast, safe and simple!

Easy Image Resizer
Crop, resize and convert images!

1 Select an Image
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2 Crop the Image

You can now crop the image if you want. (Skip this option and go to the 3rd option to resize the image)

• Click on the image and drag the mouse to select crop area.
• Or, simply click anywhere on the image to deselect crop area.
• After you have cropped the image you can either go to option 3 to change the format of the image and/or reduce the size of the image, or simply click the "Continue" button, to finish the process.

3 Resize the Image

• You can resize the original image or the cropped image by 75%, 50%, 25% or not change the size at all. Click the User Input option to enter the width and height of your choice.
• In-addition, you can change the format of the image to PNG, JPEG, JPG or BMP. Simply choose the "Keep Original" option option if you do not what to change the foramt.

Scale image to...

75%    50%    25%    Do not Change    User Input
Width pixels ; Height pixels

Change image format to...
PNG    JPEG    BMP    Keep Original

(crop, resize or convert an image)

The Easy Image Resizer is a 3 simple step free online image optimization tool, which allows you to select, crop and resize an image or picture of your choice, any time and from anywhere. It supports various image types such as a png, jgeg or a bmp (bitmap), with different sizes.

Once resized, you can either download the image on your computer, or instantly share the optimized image with your friends on social networking sites. It is one of the fastest and simplest image resizing tools available on the web today.

Easy Image Resizer tool

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