How to add text to image online using JavaScript and CSS

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You can place (or add) a text over an image using HTML and CSS. The method is simple. All you need is a container like a <div> element, where you'll place the image (using a canvas) and a text (inside another <div> element). Using CSS position property, you can easily place the text over the image. Now here in tutorial, I’ll show you how to add text to an image and save the image in your computer.
See this demo

I’ll have also used the Canvas element in this example. I have explained why.

Let’s see the code.

The Markup
<!doctype html>
    <link href="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.10.3/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
    <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
    <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.10.3/jquery-ui.min.js"></script>
        .mainContainer {
            position: relative;
            padding: 0;
            min-width: 250px;
            min-height: 250px;
            display: inline-block;
            margin: 0 auto;
        img {border: none; max-width: 100%;}
        #textArea {
            display: block;
            padding: 10px 5px;
        #theText {
            position: absolute;
            top: 90px;
            left: 0;
            background: #000;
            background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
            color: #fff;
            width: auto;
            padding: 5px;
            text-align: left;
            border: dashed 2px #ff7f27;
            font: 15px Calibri;
            display: block;
            cursor: move;
        canvas {max-width: 100%;}
  <!--File upload-->
    <input type="submit"  id="btChooseImage" onclick='chooseImage()' value="Select an image" />
  <input type="file" id="file" onchange="showImage(this)" 
     style="display: none; visibility: hidden; width: 1px;" />

  <!--Textarea to enter some texts.-->
     <textarea onkeyup='writeText(this)' id='textArea' 
         placeholder='Enter some value for text' rows='2' cols='50'>

     <!--The parent container, image and container for text (to place over the image)-->
     <div class="mainContainer" id='mainContainer'>
       <!--The default image. You can select a different image too.-->
       <img src="https://www.encodedna.com/images/theme/easy-image-resizer.jpg" id="myimage" alt="" />
       <!--The text, which is also draggable.-->
       <div id='theText' onmousedown='this.style.border = "dashed 2px #FF7F27";'>sample text</div>

     <!--Button to save the image with the text.-->
     <p><input type="button" onclick="saveImageWithText();" id="bt" value="Save the Image" /></p>
The Script
    // Make the text element draggable.
    $(document).ready(function() {
        $(function() { 
                containment: 'parent'     // set draggable area.
    // Select image and show it.
    let chooseImage = () => {

    let showImage = (fl) => {
        if (fl.files.length > 0) {
            let reader  = new FileReader();

            reader.onload = function (e) {
                let img = new Image();
                img.onload = function () {
                    if (this.width > screen.width || this.height > screen.height) {
                        alert('Please select a small image. The image width and height should be less than the screen width and height.');

                        document.getElementById('theText').style.display = 'none';
                        document.getElementById('bt').style.display = 'none';
                        document.getElementById('textArea').style.display = 'none';
                        document.getElementById('myimage').src = '';
                    else {
                        document.getElementById('theText').style.display = 'block';
                        document.getElementById('bt').style.display = 'block';
                        document.getElementById('textArea').style.display = 'block';

                img.src = e.target.result;      // actual image. 
                document.getElementById('myimage').src = reader.result;  // Add the image on the form.

    let textContainer;
    let t = 'sample text';

    // Get the values that you have entered in the textarea and
    // write it in the DIV over the image.

    let writeText = (ele) => {
        t = ele.value;
        document.getElementById('theText').innerHTML = t.replace(/\n\r?/g, '<br />');
    // Finally, save the image with text over it.
    let saveImageWithText = () => {
        textContainer = document.getElementById('theText');     // The element with the text.
        // Create an image object.
        let img = new Image();
        img.src = document.getElementById('myimage').src;
        // Create a canvas object.
        let canvas = document.createElement("canvas");
        // Wait till the image is loaded.
        img.onload = function(){
            downloadImage(img.src.replace(/^.*[\\\/]/, ''));    // Download the processed image.
        // Draw the image on the canvas.
        let drawImage = () => {
            let ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");	// Create canvas context.

            // Assign width and height.
            canvas.width = img.width;
            canvas.height = img.height;

          	// Draw the image.
            ctx.drawImage(img, 0, 0);
            textContainer.style.border = 0;
            // Get the padding etc.
            let left = parseInt(window.getComputedStyle(textContainer).left);
            let right = textContainer.getBoundingClientRect().right;
            let top = parseInt(window.getComputedStyle(textContainer).top, 0);
            let center = textContainer.getBoundingClientRect().width / 2;

            let paddingTop = window.getComputedStyle(textContainer).paddingTop.replace('px', '');
            let paddingLeft = window.getComputedStyle(textContainer).paddingLeft.replace('px', '');
            let paddingRight = window.getComputedStyle(textContainer).paddingRight.replace('px', '');
            // Get text alignement, colour and font of the text.
            let txtAlign = window.getComputedStyle(textContainer).textAlign;
            let color = window.getComputedStyle(textContainer).color;
            let fnt = window.getComputedStyle(textContainer).font;
            // Assign text properties to the context.
            ctx.font = fnt;
            ctx.fillStyle = color;
            ctx.textAlign = txtAlign;
            // Now, we need the coordinates of the text.
            let x; 		// coordinate.
            if (txtAlign === 'right') {
            	x = right + parseInt(paddingRight) - 11;
            if (txtAlign === 'left') {
            	x = left + parseInt(paddingLeft);
            if (txtAlign === 'center') {
            	x = center + left;

            // Get the text (it can a word or a sentence) to write over the image.
            let str = t.replace(/\n\r?/g, '<br />').split('<br />');

            // finally, draw the text using Canvas fillText() method.
            for (let i = 0; i <= str.length - 1; i++) {
                        .replace('<br>', '')
                    parseInt(paddingTop, 10) + parseInt(top, 10) + 10 + (i * 15));

            // document.body.append(canvas);  // Show the image with the text on the Canvas.

        // Download the processed image.
        let downloadImage = (img_name) => {
            let a = document.createElement('a');
            a.href = canvas.toDataURL("image/png");
            a.download = img_name;
See this demo

Note: It is just an example and therefore has some limitations.

Let me explain, How this code works.

In the markup section, I have added a <div> element that serves as a container, an image (<img>) inside the parent <div> element and another <div>, which has the text (you can drag this element anywhere on the image). Using CSS, I am placing the text over the image.

Using jQuery UI

I am using jQuery UI to make the text moveable (so I can drag and place the text anywhere on the image). Therefore, I have added the jQuery CDN inside the <head> tag.

I have also set a draggable area limit , so the text (the <div> element) stays over the image and doesn’t go outside the image. See this code inside the script.

$(document).ready(function() {
    $(function() { 
            containment: 'parent'

The CSS Style

There are five elements. So, I had to style them accordingly. The CSS for .mainContainer and #theText is important here. The main container or the parent container has a relative position and the text element (which is a DIV), has an absolute position. Child elements or absolute elements are positioned relative to the parent element.

Explaining the Script

Now, let’s get back to the script.

It has few methods and most importantly, this 👉 let saveImageWithText = () => { }. Its here where actually I am “writing the text over the image” using a Canvas. Since, I had to recreate the image with the text on a Canvas element using its context.

Here, I am extracting all the properties of the text element, like the padding, font, the text colour, the alignment and finally its coordinates to place the text precisely over the image and save it.


Its just an example and has limitation. This is not a compete project. So, yes you will find some features missing.

You can add features or create a toolbox from where you can assign colours to the text, or choose a different font name or font size etc.

🚀 Edit: I have designed a tool to add text to a picture using the above example, with some advanced features. If you like it, please don't forget to share it.

Happy coding. 🙂

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