Multiple Image Resizer tool

Multiple Image Resizer tool

Resize multiple images at once without uploading on a server. Its fast 🚀, safe and simple.

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Multiple Image Resizer tool

More than a million images processed till date.

It is one of the fastest image resizer tool on the internet today. It can resize 50 images in less than 30 seconds.

What it can do? This application can resize a variety of images, such as JPG (JPEG), PNG, or BMP files in seconds.

Is it safe? It quickly resizes multiple images without loading the images on a server. Therefore, it is safe to use and it keeps your photos private, since all the images stay in your computer.

Its Free Bulk Image Resizer is a free tool and no Sign up is required. Simply choose the files from a folder or Drag and drop the images and click Start resizing. It is very easy to use.

Please share this tool if you like it.

Why? The reason I created this tool was to make online image resizing fast and simple. I need your cooperation and your feedback to make this tool better. Let me know if you find a bug or something isn't working.

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