jQuery - Check multiple image dimensions like width, height and type

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A simple example I am sharing here in this tutorial showing how to get (or check) multiple image dimensions like the width, height, type and size before uploading the images using jQuery.

check image dimensions like width, height, size and type using jquery

So, here's the code.

The Markup
<!DOCTYPE html>
  <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

  <!--the file input element-->
  <p><input type="file" id="file" multiple accept="image/*" /></p>

  <p id="fp"></p>    <!--show image dimensions (details) here...-->
The Script
  let fileName, fileExtension, fileSize, fileType, dateModified;
  $(document).ready(function () {
    $('#file').change(function () {
      if (this.files.length > 0) {

        $.each(this.files, function (index, value) {
          fileName = value.name;
          fileExtension = fileName.replace(/^.*\./, '');
          get_image_dimensions(value);  // get image dimensions.
    const get_image_dimensions = (file) => {
        let reader = new FileReader();    // create a file reader instance.

        reader.onload = function (e) {
          let img = new Image();
          img.src = e.target.result;

          img.onload = function () {
            var w = this.width;
            var h = this.height;

            document.getElementById('fp').innerHTML =
              document.getElementById('fp').innerHTML + '<br /> ' +
              'Name: <b>' + file.name + '</b> <br />' +
              'File Extension: <b>' + fileExtension + '</b> <br />' +
              'Size: <b>' + Math.round((file.size / 1024)) + '</b> KB <br />' +
              'Width: <b>' + w + '</b> <br />' +
              'Height: <b>' + h + '</b> <br />' +
              'Type: <b>' + file.type + '</b> <br />' +
              'Last Modified: <b>' + file.lastModifiedDate + '</b> <br />';
Try it

You can select multiple image files. When you have selected the files, it will loop through each image file and check its details. The details include, image width, height, type and size.

Now, here's a similar example using JavaScript.

Once you get the image dimensions, you do some checks (at the client size) like wheather the file size and type is ok to upload. And when satisfied, you can upload the images into the server.

I have used this method in one of the tools that I have designed and its still useful and relavent.

By the way, you can even do this using plain old JavaScript. Check this out.

Happy coding 😀

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