Excel SEQUENCE() Function - How to add Days number quickly in a sequence

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Sharing a simple formula in Excel showing how to add days number in sequence quickly. The formula uses the "SEQUENCE()" function, a new built-in function in Excel.

See the below image.

using sequence function in a formula in excel

The Formula

="Days " & SEQUENCE(100, 1, 1)

The above Excel formula will write days with number in a "sequence" from 1 to 100. So, it wil fill hundred rows with the days number.

SEQUENCE() Function

The SEQUENCE() returns a sequence of number. Its a newly added function and its only avilable in Microsoft 365, Excel 2021 and Excel for the Web.

Here's the syntax.

sequence function in excel

The function takes "four" paramters.

1) rows - the number of rows to fill

2) columns - the number of columns to fill. Use this option if you want to fill values in multiple columns.

3) start - the starting number in sequence. This is optional

4) step - the increment between each number in the sequence.

sequence function in excel with step option


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