Excel Keyboard Shortcuts that you should know in 2024

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We know how important Excel is and how much it has influenced us in our daily professional life, with its easy to use tools. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Ms-Excel has touched us all in one way or the other. Here in this tutorial, I am sharing a few important Excel keyboard shortcuts that will definitely cut the time you need to prepare an important spreadsheet and improve your productivity.

What is Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel has defined many keyboard shortcuts to help users to accomplish a task quickly using a combination of keyboard keys.

For example, pressing keyboard keys Ctrl + C will copy data (in a cell or a range).

excel shortcut keys to copy a range

Workbook Shortcuts

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Excel Shortcut Description
Ctrl + N New Workbook - will open a new blank workbook
Ctrl + O Open Workbook - will open an exiting workbook
Ctrl + P It will display the Print dialog box
Ctrl + S Save a Workbook - will save the workbook (or spreadsheet)
Ctrl + W Close Workbook - will close the current (or selected) workbook
Ctrl + Page Up Move to the previous sheet
Ctrl + Page Down Move to the next sheet
Ctrl + F10 Maximises or restores the selected workbook window
F12 Save As
Alt + Shift + F1 or Shift + F11 To insert a new Sheet
Alt + F1 (or F11) To insert a new Chart
Alt + E, followed by L Will permanently delete the current Sheet
Alt + H The Home tab
Alt + M Go to the Formulas tab
Alt + N Go to the Insert tab
Alt + P Go to the "Page Layout" tab
Alt + M Go to the Formulas tab
Alt + A Go to the Data tab
Alt + W Go to the View tab

Formatting Shortcuts

Excel Shortcut Description
Ctrl + 1 Format a Cell, Chart etc.
Ctrl + B (or) Ctrl + 2 To make text Bold
Ctrl + I (or) Ctrl + 3 To make text itallic
Ctrl + U (or) Ctrl + 4 To Underline a text
Ctrl + 5 Strikethrough a text. Repeating the process will undo it.
Ctrl + Shift + ! To apply number format
Ctrl + Shift + % To apply Percentage
Ctrl + Shift + $ To apply Currency. The default currency is $ (dollar). You can choose your local curreny. Press Ctrl + 1, it will open the Format Cells dialog box. Go to the "Number" tab. In the Category list, select "Currency". From the "Symbol" dropdown list, select the symbol you want. Press OK.
Ctrl + C To copy cells
Ctrl + V To paste cells
Tab To move to the next cell
Shift + Tab To move to the previous cell
Delete It will delete the selected content

Action Shortcuts

Ctrl + F It will open "Find and Replace" dialog box where you can choose the Find option to look for a text in the current sheet.
Ctrl + H It will open "Find and Replace" dialog box.
Ctrl + Q To display "Quick Analysis" options for the selected cells.
Ctrl + Y Redo some action that you have undone. You can also use F4 to redo.
Ctrl + Z Undo last action
F4 Same a Redo. It will repeat the last action.

Fill Shortcuts

Ctrl + D To fill the current or selected cell with data from the cell above.
excel shortcut key ctrl + D
Ctrl + R To fill the current or selected cell with data from active cells to the right.
Alt + H + H This will open the "Fill Color" or "Theme Colors" dialog box where you can choose a color to fill the cell (background color).

Borders Shortcuts

Alt + H, followed by B It will open a dialog box with a list of Borders.
Ctrl + Shift + & To add an outline border to the selected cell(s)
Ctrl + Shift + _ To remove the outline border from the selected cell(s)

Insert (or Add) Shortcuts

Ctrl + ; To add (insert) the current Date in a Cell
Ctrl + Shift + : To add (insert) the current Time in a Cell
Ctrl + K To add (insert) a Hyperlink in a cell
Ctrl + T To add (insert) a Table
Shift + F2 To insert a Comment
Alt + Enter To insert a Line Break.
To insert a line break in a cell, set focus on the cell and then press F2.
Alt + = Pressing Alt and = (equal to) simultaneously will add SUM() function to the selected cells.

Column and Row Shortcuts

Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + 0 (control + zero) To hide a selected column
Ctrl + Shift + 0 To unhide a selected column
Ctrl + Space Select an entire Column
Shift + Space Select an entire Row
Shift + Arrow Extent one cell
Ctrl + Shift + End Extent to the Last "used" cell
Alt + Shift + Right Arrow To group Rows and Columns
Alt + Shift + Left Arrow To ungroup Rows and Columns
Shift + Space followed by Ctrl + - To delete a row
Alt + H + D + C Press these keys simultaneously to delete a column

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