GA4 - Find out how many visitors using Mobile device in Realtime

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The "Realtime overview" section in GA4, lets you monitor realtime activity on your website or app. There's a section that shows "Users in Last 30 Minutes", using either "Mobile" or "Desktop" devices. But, how do know which page(s) are they viewing, in real time, using a Mobile device. I'll tell you how. Just follow these steps.

mobile device page views at realtime in ga4

1) Login in to your Google Analytics 4 account.

2) Just over Realtime overtime, there's an "Add comparison" button. Click it. It will open Build comparison window at the right side of the screen.

ga4 add comparison

3) There are few options inside Build comparison window that you have to select.

a) Under "Dimension" option, select dimension named "Device category".

b) Under "Match Type" option, select "exactly matches".

c) Under "Value" option, select "mobile".

build comparison options in ga4

4) Click the "Apply" button.

It will show you a list pages that are currently viewed by users using various Mobile devices, in real time.

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