How to clear space in Gmail quickly

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Gmail offers 15GB free space or cloud storage to all its users. This space includes all services like Google Photos, Google Drive etc. In case you have utilized most of the free space and now you want to clear it, you can use Gmail's filter feature to do this. It will allow you get rid of thousands of unwanted emails quickly.

For example, you want to delete emails that are 5MB or more in size. You can "filter" emails like this.

1) Log into you Gmail acount.

2) In the Search mail box, type Larger:5mb and press the Enter key. It will filter all the emails that are "5MB" or more.

3) Select all emails and click the Delete icon.

clear space in gmail using filter

Here's another example.

Assuming, you want to delete emails that has attachements.

Go to the Search mail box in your Gmail account and type has:attachment and press the "Enter" key.

It filter all emails that has attachment(s). Select all the emails and click the Delete icon.

Remember: The files in the "trash" are automatically and permamently deleted after "30 days". So, this clean-up process is reliable in some cases, like, if you want to retrieve the deleted emails you can do this from the trash folder.


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