Special Birthday Doodle from Google – Google Wishes You Happy Birthday

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I got a surprise this morning from Google. We all know Google celebrates special occasions, such as birthdays of famous people from around the world, with a beautiful Doodle. Google changes its regular homepage for the day and replaces it with a Special, customized Doodle.

Its my "birthday" today, the 17th of April. As usual, today when I opened google.com, I saw a new Doodle on the homepage, with cupcakes, candles etc. Very casually, I hovered the mouse over the Doodle, and to my surprise, it had a message wishing me “Happy Birthday”.

Happy Birthday Google Doodle

Few years back Google added this new feature. Google will celebrate your birthday with a doodle and a message, on its homepage. However, you must have a valid Google+ profile. After your have created your profile, add your birthday. Don’t forget to sign in on this special day and you will be surprised too.

I am delighted by this little surprise.

Thank you so much, Google.

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