Google launched Generative AI courses on Google Cloud for Software Developers

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Google has recently introduced a set a training programs and courses on Generative AI.

Google launched Generative AI courses on Google Cloud for Software Developers

The programs are both free and paid and its now available on Google Cloud Skills Boost.

The programs include two comprehensive learning path. Each path provides video courses, labs and opportunities.

1) Generative AI for Developers: This techical program (course) is for "software developers" and "engineers".

• This Advanced Learning Path is designed for software (app) developers, ML (Machine Learning) engineers and data scientists. However, to take the advanced path you have to first complete the course on Responsible AI for Developers.

• This includes a combination of technical hands-on labs and courses and requires Google Cloud credits to complete.

Here's a list of labs and "credits required" to gain technical experience.

a) Get Started with Generative AI Studio (requires one credit)

b) Generative AI with Vertex AI: Getting Started (requires one credit)

c) Generative AI with Vertex AI: Prompt Design (requires one credit)

d) Vertex AI PaLM API: Qwik Start (requires one credit)

e) Integrate Search in Applications Using Gen AI App Builder (requires five credits)

f) Prompt Design using PaLM (requires one credit)

g) Explore and Evaluate Models using Model Garden (requires five credits)

2) Introduction to Generative AI: This introductory, non technical course is designed for people on marketing, sales and HR roles.

• Introduction to Generative AI is a short course of 45 minutes only and its free. It includes video courses.

• Provides a course on Responsible AI and how Generative AI will impact businesses.

• You can get a free Skill Badge on Generative AI Fundamentals.

• This non-technical introductory learning path also provides a course on Introduction to Large Language Models.

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