10 Most Viewed AngularJS Articles on my blog

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Last updated: 2nd June 2024

Sharing a list of top 10 most viewed Angularjs articles here on my blog. Its an awesome framework to create dynamic single page web applications. Its still widely used in 2024.

Note: Some of the posts that I have shared here were once pinned as featured snippets and were displayed on top of Google search results.

1) AngularJS File Upload using $http post and FormData

This is my fifth article on file upload operations and second in AngularJS category. My previous article on AngularJS file upload used the native XMLHttpRequest() to post multiple files to a Web API controller class. However, I received few requests from developers asking me to share an example on AngularJS file upload using $http. Therefore, here I am going to show you how to use AngularJS $http service and FormData to post multiple files to a Web API controller for upload.

2) Push New Elements Inside an ngRepeat Array from AngularJS $scope

While working with AngularJS, we often use an ng-repeat directive to render a list of pre-defined items. I have previously written few articles where I explained the use of ng-repeat directive with various AngularJS filters. Here, in this article I’ll show you how to Push or Inject new elements inside an ng-repeat array from a $scope.

3) How to Use a date Filter in AngularJS or How to Inject AngularJS date Filter in Controller using JavaScript

In AngularJS, the “date” filter formats a text to a given date format. You can check the AngularJS Docs for a detail summary of its in-built date formatting functions. It provides various formats, which you may add with the filter to get a desired result.

4) Multiple File Upload example in AngularJS Using Web API in MVC 4

I have previously written couple of articles on file upload, especially multiple file upload in Asp.Net, along with other technologies such as Web API, HTML5 and JQuery etc. Now, in this article I am going to share with you a simple example on how to upload multiple files in AngularJS and Asp.Net Web API.

5) AngularJS forEach() Function Example or How to Iterate or Loop Through Each Item in An Array or Object in AngularJS

You can loop through an Array or an Object in AngularJS using the forEach() function. The function invokes the iterator function that iterates or loops through each item in an array. I am sharing two examples here, showing how to use the forEach() loop in AngularJS to extract items or values from array or an object.

6) Insert, Update and Delete in AngularJS - A Simple CRUD Operation in AngularJS using $http and Asp.Net Web API MVC 4

In this post I have shared a very simple example on how to do CRUD operation in AngularJS using $http and Asp.Net Web API MVC 4. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. You will learn the entire process of how to create a database, read data from the database table, update existing data and finally learn how to delete the data, all dynamically from your AngularJS app.

7) Data Binding AngularJS ng-options with SELECT Dropdown list using Asp.Net Web API in MVC 4

Binding data in AngularJS applications are as important as any other web application. Moreover, it is important to know how to consume data from various sources using different methods. Here, in the article I am going to show you how AngularJS ng-options with SELECT dropdown list can consume data extracted using Asp.Net Web API.

Note: You may also check this post using ngFor Directive in Angular 4 to bind dynamic data to a SELECT dropdown list

8) How to Format a String Using AngularJS currency Filter

The AngularJS currency Filter works very much like the number filter. However, it will format the text (a number) and displays the value prefixed with the $ (dollar) symbol. The $ is the default symbol, when no other symbol is defined.

9) How to check if any Checkbox is Checked or Unchecked in AngularJS

If you are working with forms in AngularJS, I am sure you have come across a situation where you have checkboxes in your AngularJS form and you want to check if a user has selected (or checked) one of the checkboxes before submitting the form. Here, I’ll show you how to check if any checkbox is checked or unchecked from your AngularJS $scope.

10) How to Bind JSON Array or Data to an HTML Table in AngularJS using ng-repeat

You can easily bind a JSON array or data to an HTML table in AngularJS. The example that I am going to share with you here is an extension of my previous article on how to sort date extracted from a JSON array and show the data in descending order using AngularJS ng-repeat orderBy filter. Using a very similar method, now I’ll show you how to bind JSON data to an HTML table in AngularJS using ng-repeat directive.


There are many other AngularJS articles here on my blog, which are very popular and viewed thousands of times. However, I have listed the 10 most viewed AngularJS articles on encodedna.com in the year 2023. They are still visiting these posts.

It will give you an insight on how popular AngularJS framework is (still) and would encourage you to explore more and try new versions.

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