Product Review – Infragistics Asp.Net Controls

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For quite some time I have been writing about web controls useful for web development using various technologies such as Asp.Net, jQuery and HTML5 etc. Web development has evolved over the years and so are its tools, controls and technology. Being a web developer myself, I always look for solutions that are simple, responsive and useful for me. If it were useful, I would love to devote some time discussing about the controls with my fellow web developers, here in my blog.

Very recently, while browsing the web for solutions, I came across Infragistics, a company that builds custom controls for Asp.Net. They have other products for various platforms such HTML5 and jQuery, Mobile controls, Android etc.

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Since, I have spent so much time with Asp.Net controls before, I was curious to know more about Ingragistics and its wide range of controls. To my surprise, I found that they have a very nice collection of controls that are not only useful but also simple. Therefore, I decided to write a product review about few Asp.Net controls, which are interesting and worth discussing about.

Getting my hand on these controls was easy. All I did is, download the 30-Day Free Trial Developer toolkit from their website. If you have 512 kbps (minimum) download speed, it will take around 20 to 25 minutes to download and install the controls in your computer.

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There is no fun in writing a Product Review without actually using it. Honestly, it was worth a try with this limited edition and I will tell you what all I have discovered.

Supports – Visual Studio 2010 and above

Don’t take my words on it. If you are a serious web developer and have a passion to do things differently, like me, then I recommend you go through the next article (and the next …) to discover more about Infragistics controls and its unique features.

Each article has a demo (example code), where I have tried to explain the controls individually. Examples, with code behind procedures have codes in C# and Vb.Net.

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