Get the Max and Min Value from XML Attribute using jQuery Ajax

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This is a quick tip for beginners who are looking for a solution to get the Maximum and Minimum value from XML attributes using jQuery and Ajax. XML attributes may have a various types of values, such as string, integer or float (with decimal) values. Often these values are defined using different attributes. Previously, I have written an article where I have shown with example on how to extract and read XML data using jQuery and Ajax. We will use a similar procedure for our demo here in this article.

First, we need an XML document with some data in it. For this purpose, I have already created an XML document with few records in it. You can open library.xml document to view it. Copy the contents of the file and save it in your computer and name it as library.xml, because I am using the same file name in my example. You can change the name of the file according to your choice later.

See this demo

We are particularly interested in the Price attribute. Because, this attribute has numeric values and decimals. The child node List in the XML document has many sub-child nodes called the Price and we want the Max and Min values (only) separated from the rest.

The Code
    <script src=""></script>

        <input type="button" id="bt" value="Get Min and Max value in XML" />
    <p id="details"></p>
    $(document).ready(function () {
        $('#bt').click(function () {
                type: 'GET',
                url: '../../library/library.xml',
                dataType: 'xml',
                success: function (xmlData) {

                    // GET MAX PRICE.
                    var maxPrice = 0;
                    $(xmlData).find('List').each(function () {
                        var BookPrice = parseFloat($(this).find('Price').text());
                        maxPrice = (BookPrice >= maxPrice) ? BookPrice : maxPrice;

                    $('#details').append('Maximum Price: <b>' + maxPrice + '</b><br />');

                    // GET MIN PRICE.
                    var minPrice = maxPrice;
                    $(xmlData).find('List').each(function () {
                        var BookPrice = parseFloat($(this).find('Price').text());
                        minPrice = (BookPrice <= minPrice) ? BookPrice : minPrice;

                    $('#details').append('Minimum Price: <b>' + minPrice + '</b>');
Try it

Using Ajax, we will first Get the XML document when the page loads and becomes ready for manipulation. If the operation is a success, we are ready to pull out the data from the XML. We are using jQuery .find() method to look for values inside the List attribute. Next, using the same method, we will get values from the Price attributes.

var BookPrice = parseFloat($(this).find('Price').text());

The algorithm for getting the Maximum and Minimum price is rather simple. First, we will get the Max value. Later, using the result of the Max value, get the Min value. In both the blocks, I am using a ternary operator, which will return a value based on a condition. If the condition is true, we get our value.

That is it.

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See this demo

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