BingChat can respond in Hindi

Do you know BingChat can respond in Hindi and other Indian Languages? I didn't know this. My son Shouvik Banik brought this to my notice. Look at his conversation with the AI below.

bingchat can respond in hindi

We wondered if the AI can respond in other languages too. So, we tried another language, Bangla this time. This was its response.

bingchat can respond in bangla language

Cool. 🤩 I guess, it has a built-in translator (application). However, its still in its early stage or should I say in its infant stage. It is still a baby. Why am I saying this? Our next conversation with the AI explains it. :-)

bingchats response in hindi language

I am not sure if you can read or write "Hindi", but the red underlined sentence needs to be improved.

Overall, its a nice application. "It Was a Good Conversation." 👍

Note: Microsoft has recently integrated BingChat into its search bar in Windows 11. So, if you are working on Windows 11, open Microsoft Edge browser, you'll see the "bing" icon bing icon at the right corner of the browser. Click it. This will open the "chat" window.